Forensic Nurse Examiners Do Trans Inclusion Workshop!

cards on a table: that say: Trans, Genderqueer, Trans woman, Ally, Cis, Gender

Last night a team of Forensic Nurse Examiners participated in an awesome trans inclusion workshop to become more aware about how to better serve trans and gender variant survivors.

The purpose of the workshop was to learn more about the terms and identities trans and gender variant people use and how nurses can better serve trans patients. We talked about the difference between sex, gender, and sexual orientation, how gender can mean so much more than being a ‘man’ or being a ‘woman,’ and how to help trans and gender variant people feel that they are in control of any experience they might have at a hospital or doing an examination after being sexually assaulted.

We are so excited to be collaborating with FNEs to make services more accessible to trans folks. Soon to come will be working closely with the Sexual Assault Response Team so that everyone who is involved in supporting survivors is knowledgeable about how to make trans survivors feel empowered.

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