Unite and Ignite National Youth Conference

Photo of Rhizome Youth and facilitators on the steps of Parliament in Ottawa

At the end of March, 6 youth from Project Respect’s Rhizome Youth Social Action Team had the opportunity to go to Ottawa to meet 300 other youth from across the country and share ideas on their experiences creating safety within their communities.  The Rhizome group was working within a Project called Top-Left – an initiative that is focusing on engaging more self-identified boys and men in the movement to end gender-based violence.  We are collaborating with youth from Saskatoon, Toronto, and Miramichi to develop a unified National response to violence against girls, women, trans* and gender variant folks, while honouring the diversity of our specific local contexts.  The youth have brought back their ideas from Ottawa to share with the rest of the Rhizome collective, and are excited to implement Top Left’s collaborative ideas and carry the momentum from Unite and Ignite forward.

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