New Bike Rack!

VSAC staff Alyx, Barb and Gagan happily showing off new bike rack at VSAC office

We have good news! First, let me give you my handle: I am usually known as the Trusty Steed. Occasionally, when I kick up a fuss because my owner has put off my maintenance, she refers to me with somewhat less flattering terms, but even then I’m more likely to be called “You-poor-neglected-thing”.

Before the Victoria Sexual Assault Centre (VSAC) moved I had a pretty flat route downtown and then spent my days in the bustling Trounce Alley while my rider went and did her thing. (I don’t know why she wants to be inside counselling when she could be out riding with me, but owners are weird like that). When I learned we were moving to a street with hill in the name, I knew it could be a bad sign for those of us under pedal-power. I wondered what else would change?

Well, my rider and I have adapted to the undulating route and the extra traffic, but the days have been a bit harder. To tell you the truth, I’ve been embarrassed hanging around a sign post all day; it’s just not polite to have my handle bars poking out into the sidewalk traffic.

This leads me to the good news: our building has a shiny new bike rack! I’m so excited to be in a place where I belong. Not only that, I have company now! I can hang out all day with friends like Handsome and The Purple People Eater. Our riders are happy too. They talk about things like getting exercise, saving money and being good to the environment. Some are even training for a triathlon.  Whatever  – I just like to be out and about instead of locked in a basement.

How did we get this new bike home? The word on the street is that our spokes-person (Executive Director Makenna Reilly) reminded the building Strata folks that bikes are people too and we need a safe place to rest. The Strata folks then designated space and provided money – thanks! It seems these projects can be pricey however, so VSAC and her sister agency Victoria Women’s Transition House further greased the wheels with more funds; they also did the research and organizing – a great job all around!

Our next wish is to have some protection from that chain-rusting, seat-soaking liquid sunshine, but financially we need to press down on one pedal at a time. In the meanwhile, my friends and I are grateful and happy to have a place to rest our wheels.

You could say we are pretty pumped up about it.

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