Heyo, It`s Eunice, Project Respect`s New Summer Staff!

Eunice with headphones and green plaid shirt at work

Enter an office on traditional Coast Salish territories. Outside the small window, the day is warm, sunny–with a faint sound of cars going by. Inside, two ‘youths’, unsure of what their summers will be like. Anticipating excitement–yet nervous of the unknown.

 I’ve always had a passion for stories. When I was young you could often find me sitting in a tree reading. Only coming home when it became too dark out to read. For me there was something magical in the power of words. Something inexplicably enticing about the emotion and connection created by reading stories in books. I found comfort in knowing and in learning about the obstacles and achievements faced by various fictional characters. Sure, often my problems had nothing to do with battling dragons in far off lands, or with learning how to be a wizard, but there still was a certain amount of comfort in knowing that everyone faces obstacles.

This connection and the power of people’s stories are two things that drive me in my work in anti-violence activism. Heyo, my name is Eunice, and this summer I am one of the two youth community developers at Project Respect. Born here on the island, I’ve grown up exploring and adventuring the numerous rich coastal ecosystems that this island has to offer. For the past three years I have been a member of the Rhizome Youth Team, and it is through this group that I have learned about the various different forms of gender-based violence that occur within society and community. When I’m not working or volunteering in the community, nowadays you can find me drinking coffee, walking my dogs, or binge watching Netflix.

I’m stoked to be working at VSAC this summer, and can’t wait to hit the ground running with the fine and fabulous prevention team.

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