Meet The Community-Based Response Network Coordinator!

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I am so excited to be a part of the VSAC Team and I can’t wait to tell you about it! My name is Kara Taylor and I am the Community-Based Response Network Coordinator for the Status of Women funded 2-year project to increase the ability of sexual assault centres and community service providers to prevent or respond to sexualized violence against women, girls and trans people.

I am very excited to work with a network of community organizations that provide services to people marginalized by racialization, immigration and refugee status, colonization, sex work, transphobia and other intersecting oppressions. The quality of valuable knowledge and experience within the partner organizations is staggering and I am thrilled to collaborate with the Inter-Cultural AssociationVictoria Immigrant and Refugee Centre SocietyPEERS Resources CentreVictoria Native Friendship CentreMary Manning Child Abuse Prevention and Counseling Centre, and Victoria Women’s Transition House as community organizations involved in this important project.

I am also looking forward to taking part in community consultations across Victoria to better understand the various contexts in which prevention thrives and where the needs of all survivors are central.

A little bit about me: I received my MA in Sociology from the University of Victoria (uvic) in 2009, with a focus on gendered inequality, maternity care and midwifery. I am currently doing my PhD research in trans-specific primary health care, with candidacy in 3 areas of expertise: stigma; feminist, queer and trans studies; and trans health care. I have held both research and teaching positions in the field of gender at uvic and am ready to branch out into the community. I am also a proud Mama and inspired by my beautiful family daily.

And on top of all of that, I get to work for a feminist organization that is committed to [trans1] inclusion in a world that does not often seem to align with my political aspirations and personal philosophies. I am working in the Prevention Tea alongside folks from Project Respect and our [Trans] Inclusion Coordinator, and I have to say – it is pretty amazing! It is wonderful to have, and to offer, the support in moving forward in our visions and common goals.

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