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Tropes verus women in video games

I believe in the power of the open web and blogging, and every once in a while I’m acutely reminded why. This week two national columnists working for national newspapers decided they wanted to say something about murdered and missing Indigenous women. Their remarks were, in my opinion, regrettable.

And this reminds me of the importance of women’s voices, queer and trans voices, Indigenous voices and the voices of people of colour. It reminds me, in short, of the importance of expert voices. I think it’s fair to say that there are lots out there. Here’s just a few that I like to read, watch and listen to.

Sarah Hunt

Sarah Hunt was a contributor at mediaINDIGENA until a couple of years ago. These days you can find Hunt on Twitter, publishing academically, and contributing at Becoming Collective or Nations Rising.

Listen to Sarah Hunt on CBC: “If no inquiry, then what? …

Feminist Frequency

Anita Sarkeesian is the driving force at Feminist Frequency and has been producing videos that articulate the various patriarchal and misogynist tropes in video games. She has just released “Women as Background Decoration (Part 2)” (trigger warning) and it is awesome. But really, I recommend watching them all. Find Sarkeesian on Twitter and Youtube.

Breaking Binary

Daphne Shaed produces a show at CFUV about transgender views on sex, gender and sexuality.  She also happens to have her own blog. Find Breaking Binary on Facebook and find Shaed on Youtube, and on Twitter.

Interview with Rae Spoon


Colorlines publishes research on culture and news with respect to racial justice. Their authors understand power relations and do an awesome job helping those of us who have a lot of privilege to better understand power relations.

Chelsea Vowel

Chelsea Vowel has her own blog, Âpihtawikosisân, which is awesome, and you can also find her publishing at and at Indian Country Today Media Network, and on Twitter.

Black Girl Dangerous

BGD publishes articles by lots of writers. The issues they tackle are important, the articles are super readable and the analysis is always excellent. Find BGD on Twitter.

Gender Focus

Jarrah Hodge is an aamazing writer and editor and the creator of Gender Focus and also Trekkie Feminist! She, and the other contributors at Gender Focus, write about politics and pop culture and current events from an “anti-racist feminist perspective.” Which, really, just means that they don’t write from a patriarchal, white supremacist perspective. They have a great submission guideline. Find Hodge on Twitter.

Related note

Please consider joining the vigil this weekend for Tina Fontaine and the other missing and murdered Indigenous women: 7:00pm, Saturday, at the legislature. Facebook event


Sherwin Arnott is an admirer of folks doing anti-oppression work and has ideas about publishing and the media. Find him on Twitter or Instragram.

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