Trans Inclusion Updates – VLOG Styles

Alyx MacAdams, Trans Inclusion Coordinator, sitting on a couch for vlog update

VSAC is vlogging! Check out these updates from Trans Inclusion Coordinator, Alyx MacAdams:


January Community Consultation Summary

(2min, 54sec)

Notes from the consultation are available, and if you were at the consultation and want to share your feedback you can do that too!


Updates and What’s Next

(2min, 49sec)


Training and Community Education

(2min, 28sec)

Interested in participating in the development and facilitation of Trans Inclusion workshops? 

Name Change

(1min, 31sec)



(1min, 28sec)


Community Consultation

(1min, 12sec)


Centering Trans Women and Trans Feminine Folks

(1min, 25sec)

Questions? Interested in getting involved? Have feedback? Get in touch!


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