Becoming a Monthly Donor!

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For the past year, not only has Peter Gibbs been a dedicated member on the Victoria Sexual Assault Centre’s Board of Directors, but also a proud member of VSAC Monthly Donor Club.  We recently checked in with Peter to talk about why he chose to support VSAC as a volunteer and monthly donor.

What got you involved with supporting the Victoria Sexual Assault Centre?

I have several people in my life who are survivors and have received counselling and support at VSAC. I don’t think it is an easy choice to reach out and ask for help, and I’ve seen just how critical having the services at VSAC have been to people that I love. I think it is really important for men to take an active role in working against sexualized violence. For me, being a Board member and a monthly donor are ways to do something.

What was the appeal for you of becoming a monthly donor?

I’ve worked in non-profits for most of the last 10+ years, and I know how much stability a regular donor pool can bring to an organization. I think there is value in that beyond the dollar amount you are giving.  With a monthly donation, it feels more manageable because giving a smaller amount per month can make a big difference over time.

From your experience of working with non-profits, how important is it to know that you have reliable and consistent funding and support? What differences can that have on an organization and the people they serve?

I think this is so important! Ultimately I think that consistent and long-term funding leads to consistent and long-term programs. So as an agency you know you can offer a certain set of programs indefinitely, and the community then knows it will always have access to them.  Then, from that base of core, stable programming, an agency can start to grow and look at the next set of needs that aren’t being met.  Now, my $20 a month doesn’t single-handedly fix all of those things, but by being part of a healthy monthly donor pool, collectively with my fellow donors, we can!

Interested in Joining the Monthly Donor Club?

Our monthly donors are truly important to us.  They enable us to budget effectively so that survivors of sexualized violence have the benefit of consistent programs and services at no cost to them.

It’s easy to sign-up!  Click here to learn more and find out how you can sign up or you can connect with Lindsay Pomper, Manager of Resource Development if you have any questions, 250-383-5545 ext.115 and .

Thank you to Peter and all of our monthly donors!


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