UN Day for the Elimination of Racism

March 21st is the UN International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination!

Today we want to remind everyone that sexualized violence disproportionately affects the most marginalized people in our communities. It is used as a tool of ongoing colonial violence against all people but especially transgender women, black and indigenous women, women of colour, queer and other trans folk, as well as persons with disabilities.

Every person brave enough to pick up the phone or walk through Victoria Sexual Assault Centre’s doors is making a choice to combat generations of colonial violence and shame. So many of us are doing the same thing, by choosing to do the hard and imperfect work of trying to right some of the deepest injustices of this world.

We want to thank all those who are doing the work to combat rape culture and support survivors on their healing journey. This is profoundly radical work.

We hope you can find the time to celebrate yourselves today, and especially other people of colour in your lives, who do the hard and often invisible anticolonial work of surviving in a racist society every day.


This post was written by one of our staff Mateo Moreno.

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