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What do the proceeds from the sale of flights of beer, a “by donation” yoga class, a trunk show and tank tops all have in common? They are all amazing examples of how local companies and individuals can raise life-changing support for survivors of sexual assault and childhood sexual abuse. Join the Fast Five Fundraiser in March 2019 and get creative to support survivors!

Last year alone, local teams and businesses in Victoria raised a total of $6,200 for the Victoria Sexual Assault Center (VSAC) during the Fast Five Fundraiser. These contributions have helped fund support to survivors such as access to counselling services and the Victoria sexual assault clinic. They help survivors regain strength and start their own healing processes.

Thank you, I’ve discovered strength I didn’t know I had.” – Client

A wide variety of initiatives were taken by local businesses in March 2018. At Cold Comfort, the Adventure Bite Boxes not only provided customers with delicious desserts but 50 % of the proceeds helped fund critical services to survivors. The MokSana Yoga Center fundraised through hosting a by-donation yoga class and raised a total of $500. Hoyne Brewing managed to raise an astonishing amount of $3000 by donating proceeds from the sale of flights of beer during March. We asked Chantal O´Brien at Hoyne Brewing why they chose to participate: “…we immediately knew that our growler charity program was a good fit for this campaign. We value supporting locally based programs where we know that the money raised has a direct impact on those in need in our community.”

It was wonderful to see our customers respond so positively.– Chantal at Hoyne Brewing

What is like to participate in the fundraiser?

Chantal at Hoyne Brewing is positive: “It was wonderful to see our customers respond so positively to our invitation to support the Fast Five campaign.” Peter Gibbs, who fundraised on his own as well as with a group, how he found his participation in the fundraiser: “It was great! I found that VSAC was a really easy cause to fundraise for. I fundraised in two ways: first, I recruited two men I know to raise money from our networks. We mostly sent texts and Facebook messages. We raised $820 that way, just from asking people we knew!

Second, I also raised money at my co-working office, theDock. I told my co-workers that if we could raise $500 I would wear a ridiculous costume to work. I got a costume donated by Victoria Costumes, and my co-workers got to vote for the silliest costume. They raised almost $600 and voted for the crab costume. It was really fun!”

“…They raised almost $600 and voted for the crab costume. It was really fun!” – Peter Gibbs

Another great initiative is to pick a product and donate the proceeds. This is what Pine Lighting did who donated the proceeds from their #changetheworldwithme t-shirts and tank tops. Meanwhile, the Good Earth Coffee collected donations at the till and Shi Studio held a trunk show in support of survivors.

In other words, all contributions make a difference!

Why Participate in the Fast Five?

VSAC has seen an increase in reported cases of sexual assault. The #metoo movement has highlighted the need for safe spaces where survivors can begin to heal, as well as proven the importance of organizations that support, empower and advocate for them. At VSAC, we are excited about the coming Fast Five Fundraiser campaign that will make it possible to address this increasing demand.

Carissa Ropponen at VSAC, who facilitates business’s participation in the fundraiser, explained that local businesses and individuals are aware of the importance of these issues: “Many choose to fundraise since they know it makes a big difference in the lives of people in our community here in Victoria. It is a way for them to take a stand against sexual violence and be part of building a compassionate community.”

Peter Gibbs further emphasises the importance of taking responsibility for this change: “I chose to participate in Fast Five because I really believe in VSAC’s mission. I believe that as a man it’s my responsibility to support the work that VSAC does to support survivors and work to end gender-based violence.”

So, how do you get started?

Check out our Fast Five pagewhich has a bunch of useful information, ideas, and tips for a successful fundraiser including our Fast Five Fundraiser Kit.

Or contact us and we can help you come up with a great idea. Simply email our fundraising team at: or call Carissa at 250-383-5545 ext. 115.

Together we can create an equal, respectful and inclusive community.

“VSAC is a place where I can walk, talk, stand, sit, rest and breathe. Thank you for this beautiful gift.” – Client

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