Grounding in Troubled Times

Sexual assault is a power-based crime where a survivor’s autonomy and control over their body is violated. Here at the Victoria Sexual Assault Centre, we work to equip survivors with tools to reconnect with themselves, rebuild their sense of bodily autonomy, and heal from sexualized violence.

In this video, Shadi, a counsellor at the Victoria Sexual Assault Centre, leads us through a grounding exercise. This type of exercise can be a helpful tool to manage overwhelming feelings by focusing on body awareness. It can provide survivors support to feel more settled and grounded in their bodies and their days.

As we transition into stage two of BC’s Restart Plan, there is still much uncertainty for many of us. If you are feeling overwhelmed or struggling right now, please know you are not alone.

We hope this tool will help you to restore your sense of groundedness and resiliency during this difficult time. We are weathering this storm together, and we can heal together.

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