Group Counselling

Group counselling can create a very powerful healing experience for a survivor.

Group counselling room

    Part of that experience includes:

  • Knowing one is not alone in their experiences
  • Sharing of wisdom from all members
  • Support and connection
  • Learning lots of tools, skills and resources

We offer a range of groups at the Victoria Sexual Assault Centre (VSAC).  These groups feature:

  • Education about how people respond to trauma
  • Skills are taught and resources developed for learning emotional regulation, dealing with flashbacks, etc.
  • Sharing is about one’s experiences trying the skills.
  • Facilitators are present to support members, create safety, set boundaries, and provide information.

We offer other groups that also have a lot of information but allow a deeper connection with the material and with one’s self.  They may include some sharing of trauma details in very specific, contained, and safe ways.

Drop-In Groups

We are pleased to offer a weekly drop-in groups for women, trans, Two-Spirit and/or non-binary survivors of sexualized violence.  All VSAC clients past and present are welcome to attend. 

If you are not a VSAC client and you are a survivor of sexualized violence and would like to attend, please be in touch with Kathryn Saunders, our counselling supervisor to arrange a short intake ().  If you’re new to VSAC and are curious about our services this is a good place to start.

Mindfulness With Metta

An online weekly drop-in mindfulness practice, led by Metta, one of our counsellors.

Meeting ID: 690 2734 0777

Passcode: BeHere

About this group:
There is no check-in or chatting in the group. Microphones and cameras will be off. It is simply an opportunity to participate in a brief and gentle mindfulness practice. 

Contact with any questions.

*You may attend anonymously (you don’t have to add your name on Zoom) please message your name directly to Metta in the chat so we know that you’ve attended.

Comfort & Tea Drop-In Group

A welcoming space for survivors to share tea, snacks, crafts/art – no experience needed!

  • When: Weekly, Thursdays at 3:30-5:00, beginning July 20, 2023.
  • Where: In-person at VSAC

About this group:
The drop-in will start at 3:30 with tea and snacks (gluten free options) provided.  We’ll have a check-in at 3:45 followed by arts-based activities of your choosing  (painting, drawing, fiber-arts, collage etc.)

This is an opportunity to share space with other survivors, to chat informally, and to receive support. The group will be facilitated by VSAC counselling staff.

You can come at any time during the drop-in. If check in is going on please come in quietly and join the group. You are welcome to bring your own knitting/crochet, or portable projects if you like. 

*No details of experiences of sexual assault will be shared in this group—this is not a processing group.

Contact with any questions.

Pre-Registered Groups

Skills for Healing Group

This group provides a safe, facilitated environment for survivors of sexual assault and sexual abuse to connect with other survivors. It focuses on demystifying trauma symptoms while providing tangible ways of healing.

  • When: weekly for 8 weeks, 1.5 hours long
  • Where: Online over Zoom
  • Who: Max 12 participants (usually 6-8)
  • Facilitation: 1-2 counsellors

Each group will have a brief settling grounding activity, a check-in, a topic, an activity to help connect own experience to topic, time to discuss, a check-out. No details shared re: personal experiences of sexual assault

Talk to your counsellor or Victim Services worker about an intake for this group or contact to set up an intake.

Gender Diversity

Our groups are gender-inclusive of all clients who are within our mandate (all women, Trans, Two-Spirit and Gender Diverse survivors).  If we have enough requests to run a group for those who identify as Trans, Two-Spirit or Gender Diverse, we may do so in the future.