kʷəné ŋətəl iʔ iʔsaət, The Indigenous Response Network, logo of a salmon, logo, and sage.

Who we are

We are situated on the South Island. The Network has representation from some of the local Nations, Indigenous organizations, community and urban voices.

Trees and water in an intertidal area of Vancouver Island.
Breakwater at sunset on a calm windless day on Lkwungen Land.

Community voices

Centering local leadership, Indigenous Response Network, kʷəné ŋətəl iʔ iʔsaət brings together Indigenous partners, local Nations, organizations, community and urban voices to develop and support community-led initiatives for survivors of gender-based violence. 

Working to honour and understand

Network members and supporters acknowledge and respect the lək̓ʷəŋən peoples on whose traditional territory this work is being done and the Songhees, Esquimalt and W̱SÁNEĆ peoples whose historical relationships with the land continue to this day.

This way, “we will be reminded to always be carrying the values of the word and lək̓ʷəŋən protocols in our work and hearts”.

About the name

We raise our hands in thanks to the traditional lək̓ʷəŋən Language Keepers Florence Dick, Ivy Seward & Joe Seward, who gifted kʷəné ŋətəl iʔ iʔsaət and gave the Network their name.

About the logo: artist, Brianna Bear

kʷəné ŋətəl iʔ iʔsaət, The Indigenous Response Network, logo of a salmon, logo, and sage.


“Brianna Bear Art is an Indigenous –  owned and founded, Canadian artist established in 2020 by Brianna Bear. Based in the traditional territory of the Lekwugen, place to smoke herring lands of the Songhees and Esquimalt nations in Victoria B.C. Brianna started first as an artist with more then fifteen plus years of experience. She began learning under her grandfather Skip Dicks younger brother, Butch Dick. Afterwards she branched out into discovering her roots and design through her cultural connections to Songhees & Namgis formline design.”  

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