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Welcome! Every year we are inspired by the dedication and compassion of our volunteers. The Victoria Sexual Assault Centre would not be able to provide the services it does without the support and commitment of volunteers.

Volunteering at the Victoria Sexual Assault Centre may mean providing support to recent survivors of sexual assault, helping out with administrative tasks, assisting with events, or developing policy. There are all sorts of volunteer opportunities with The Victoria Sexual Assault Centre; each demonstrates a commitment to support, empower, and advocate for women and [trans] individuals who are survivors of sexual assault and sexual abuse; and to work toward the prevention of sexual violence.

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Volunteer Opportunities

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Meet Our Volunteer Coordinator

Riven (zi/hir/hirs with a sprinkling of he/him/his) –
Volunteer Coordinator

Riven Merbabe Gail is a nonbinary, queer, fat, disabled, neurodivergent, mentally ill, white colonizer, and former sex worker. Zi has been living on the homelands of the Lkwungen People of the Songhees and Esquimalt Nations since 2011. Riven studied gender studies at UVic and had to leave due to lived experience of sexualized violence. Riven has done consent education, queer community organizing with UVic pride and alt pride (which centers the experiences of those left out of mainstream pride spaces); he has organized events for gender diverse sex workers, was a sex worker for 5+ years, is a somatics student, and is now the Volunteer Coordinator at the Victoria Sexual Assault Centre. Riven is also someone who prioritizes community care and mutual aid in their queer communities, co-facilitates unlearning white supremacy workshops, and is always working to learn and grow. Riven has shared these things about hirself in the spirit of fostering community and creating a safer space for folks to do this work supporting survivors.

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