Trans Day of Visibility

Hello Tender-hearts! 

We want to spread the word about the 10-year mark of the Transgender Day of Visibility this March 31. We have teamed up with both PEERS and UVic Pride to host a 3hour get together at Fernwood Community Centre that will include (radical) button making, awesome music, snacks, and crafts! 

The Trans Day of Visibility (TDOV) was started in 2009 by trans activist Rachael Crandell. This day began as a way to recognize the lives of Trans, Two-Spirit, and Gender Diverse Folks. Every year on November 20th we celebrate the Transgender Day of Remembrance (TDOV) to honour, mourn, and remember those whose lives have been stolen due to the violence the transgender community faces. Although this day is highly important- what is often lacking is the visibility of Trans, Two-Spirit, and Gender Diverse folks’ resilience and resistance. Being Trans comes with a fear of violence, exclusion, and erasure. Often times, hearing stories of violence from our trans siblings and throughout the media is some of the only representation we have.  

To all of the Trans, Two-Spirit, and Gender Diverse peoples reading: your existence is an act of resistance that deserves acknowledgement and celebration. We need more representation than fear and poor outcomes. We need a reminder that our lives are immutably worthy. This day isn’t about celebrating only those who are ‘out’ or those who ‘pass’…. It is to recognize the many ways in which Trans folks exist, survive, and live. Whether people know you are Trans or not is no one’s choice but yours. No matter how you live your life- your life matters. We see you. We know the daily struggles that come from micro-aggressions, discrimination, erasure, transmisogyny, and transphobia. Though these experiences are shared with many in our communities, we are more than that— we are so much more.

 March 31st is one of the 365 days a year that our lives are represented as fierce acts of survival, celebration, and recognition.  

If you are a member, family member, or supporter of the Trans, Two-Spirit, and Gender Diverse community, please join us in getting together to enjoy some radical button making, crafts, and snacks at the Fernwood Community Centre (1240 Gladstone Ave) 

Your VSAC Trans Inclusion team,  

Lane and Jaq 


Image depicts text on top of a pink, blue, and white background of paint brush streaks with various graphics of arts supplies. The text reads: “Trans Day of Visibility — Crafts and Snacks Gathering, Sunday, March 31 1:30 – 4:30”

What: Trans Day of Visibility arts, crafts, and snack sharing 

When: March 31 at 1:30-4:30 

Where: 1240 Gladstone Ave (on main floor of Fernwood Community Centre ) 

Location and Event Specific Details: Please bring your wonderful selves, partners, and supporters, as well as any arts/crafts supplies you’d like — we will have a button-maker, and button-making supplies, as well as colouring and painting materials for everyone’s use. We’ll also have some GF, DF, and Vegan snacks to share, as well as tea and coffee. You are also welcome to bring your own food or snacks to share but please do provide a list of the ingredients.  

Our crafty gathering will take place in the Multi-purpose room at the Fernwood Community Centre. This room is located on the main floor of the building and is wheelchair accessible. The Fernwood Community Centre is located at 1240 Gladstone Avenue (between Pembroke and Fernwood) across the street from Victoria High School in the Fernwood neighborhood. The BC Transit routes are: #22 [Fernwood Ave], #2, #27, #28 [Pandora Ave], #24, #25 [Cook St], #10 [Bay Street]. We can give folks 2 bus tickets upon arrival. 

We want to acknowledge that this event is taking place on the unceded and occupied lands of the Songhees and Esquimalt Nations. This means the care we extend cannot be separated from the violence that is experienced by Indigenous people of these lands– caring for each other means doing the work of understanding how many of us have come to be on this land, and working to unlearharmful behaviours associated with colonial ideas and values. You can find out more about the Songhees and Esquimalt Nations here: 

Link to the FaceBook event:

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